About Us

Karen Connors

Owner –  Head Event Specialist

I began my career designing and planning large, fun events for private parties, expos and fairs throughout Massachusetts. Celebration and joy come naturally to me, and event planning was a welcome change from the intense, home health care and hospice work I had been doing up until that point. After a few successful events, I realized I had some gifts. A gift for planning, organizing and making events EPIC with joy and ease.
In 2015 I founded Epic Events of Cape Cod, a full service planning company. A native of Belmont, MA, I spent every childhood summer I could remember here on the Cape. I very much desired to root myself and my son here, the summer home I loved so much. Besides that, I thought to myself, “who could ask for a better back drop for a local party or wedding or pick a prettier destination wedding site?” With it’s beautiful sun kissed beaches, a warm, welcoming, local community and my own desire and drive to present and coordinate only the most excellent, luxurious, personalized, EPIC events for my clients. The Cape has become my home and the perfect backdrop for my events for the past 5 years.
You will find that I love what I do! And that it is my joy to learn as much as I can about YOUR needs, YOUR wants, and YOUR desires in order to plan an event that reflects what you imagine.
Every event is a dream, a thought, an image first. It is my job to make that image real for you, attending to myriad details, often coordinating with multiple vendors, and above all, keeping things on schedule. So whether it is a work party, a wedding, or a show, the event details are taken care of and your image is preserved effortlessly so that you can focus on enjoying yourself! I take pride in listening to what you would like and in providing you with more economical alternatives to ideas.
I believe that every event is a co-creation, a reflection of your ideas, and my planning. I bring to you my gifts, and my reputation and I cannot wait to inspire and be inspired by you!


Our goal is to infuse your vision with our design team’s experience to create an event with memories that will last a lifetime, all within your budget.