Your Engaged! Now What? 

First things first! Shout out to your peeps the exciting news of your engagement! Tired of the phone?? Too many loved ones to share with and you can’t contain your excitement? Tell your family and friends with colorful, beautifully designed cards, notes, and e-cards to reflect the excitement you are feeling today. Bonus!!! It’s a great way to start your big events guest list and a time saver on the thank you cards too! Bam! Three tasks started and you are ready to roll!

What to do next?

The fun has just begun! Plan the perfect night out with friends and let off some steam before the work of planning begins! Need help planning your night out? Afraid you may need transportation? We are there to help support your celebration with class, fun, and in all safety! Make a list of your nearest and dearest to celebrate with, name a few of your favorite places to hang…or maybe a place you’ve never been but always wanted to try. Let us know and away you go!! Want to pan this step yourself? No problem, look for future blogs about the best transportation services around and the best places to PARTY on Cape Cod.

Now, back to being serious…Party’s over and we need to buckle down. The last thing you want to do is lose your ring before the wedding and you’ve got some heavy lifting to do planning this! That’s why one of the first things you do is to go get your gorgeous ring sized and insured. This will reduce your anxiety and prevent any replacement expenses from dampening any of your wedding plans. Nervous about handing over your ring to a jeweler? We can recommend some safety tips and the best jewelers in town!

After your ring is safe and secure and insured

start exploring ideas for where you want to have your wedding. Are you a classic church bride, a whimsical outdoor garden bride, do your eyes sparkle at the thought of being married by the ocean? (yes, there are mermaid brides!!) Use your imagination and put yourself front and center in your imaginings! Ask your bride self, “Is small and intimate my style or do I want to party it up with everyone I know?” And don’t forget to ask your partner the same question! They may not care as much as you do (which is ok, then you get to choose!) but at least you asked. Side note, Don’t forget while imagining your dream wedding, start to compare the cost, start a spreadsheet for your budget, and consult an expert, namely us! To help you cut corners and get done what you need to do at the optimal cost.

When to have the BIG EVENT?

Planning the wedding date can be a tricky affair. Not only does every season bring its own particular beauty and style, it’s important to consider the availability of your bridal party and your closest family and friends. Although the big day may be all about you, the memories may not be as special without your best friend or your favorite uncle. You may want to put feelers out to those people who are traveling to join you, when is the best time for them to travel? And don’t forget to make a list of who will be in your bridal party! Now is the time to get them involved, excited and ready to support you!

Let’s stop and not forget the Pictures!!!

You want to remember this moment for the rest of your life. There’s no better way to do this than to take pictures! Pictures to share with your children and your grandchildren one day. Pictures to post on social media so all your friends, even those, especially those, that live too far away to join you but love you anyways, can share in the moment. Not sure how to get engagement photos done? Good news is, we have dozens of photographers that we have experience with and can recommend to you based on what you have shared with us! But in any event, make them real, and honest, wear comfortable clothes, elegant clothes, sporty clothes, whatever!!! to reflect your taste and style as a couple! Choose a setting that maybe reflects where you met for the first time, or what you enjoy doing together, and Smile! Smile! Smile! because your in love.

Being engaged and planning a wedding is going to take up a lot of time, so it’s important to set aside some time to go out with your special someone. With all the planning and budgeting for the big day being done, the romance of a perfect day with you beloved can get lost, so don’t forget to take time to go out alone together without talking about plans. Time to look deeply into each other eyes. Time to spend time alone just loving and remembering why you’ve decided to join your lives together.

And finally, Never forget to relax, it’s always important to fit in time to take care of yourselves. Get your nails done!! Get a massage!! Go to the gym!! Splurge for a facial!! and just be you, you loving you!!!

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Author: Brigid Unwin

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